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We warrant our Spirit Walk-in Tubs for life, with the motors for 5 years. Our tubs are 36 and 40 inches high and come in 26" and 30" widths and goes in the space your old tub or shower exist. You can get a soaker tub or get a Spirit tub with air jets, water jets, heaters and other exciting options. We also have our own experienced installers, that can handle all aspects of the job.

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"I have had heart problems, and this tub has helped me start the day without wearing myself out getting in and out of my old tub. I would have to spend the rest of the day resting. Now I can enjoy the rest of the day. I can either shower or bathe, either way, I just step in, sit down, and easily exit. Amazing! You’re the best."
- Gary, Waterloo

"There is nothing like a bath! Thank you so much for introducing me to the benefits and safety issues of your Spirit Walk-in Tub. Your installers were great and the whole experience was handled very professional. I was concerned about my house being tore up. Not an issue. Everything looks great! Good business to you."
- Pearl, St. Charles

Years in Business

Spirit Walk-in Tubs has been in business for 5 years.


Local: 636-614-4172

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"Thank you for helping keep my Mother at home. We were close to putting Mom in nursing home. This tub has allowed Mom to bath on her own. She could not do that before, plus it was hard to help her get in and out of our old tub. We were also looking at $60,000 per year paid out to the nursing home. We cannot afford that price tag. My Dad was against the initial cost when we started looking at walk-in tubs. Both Mom and Dad are so glad they made this decision. Excellent Job! Thank you Walk-in Tub Store "

Gene - Valmeyer, IL

"We are enjoying our Walk-in Tub so much. Thanks for showing me how enjoyable and safe the Walk-in tub can be. Working around the window in the bathroom was my biggest hold up, but it came out beautiful and I still have all this natural light. Also your price was almost half of what the national advertised companies quoted. I am totally pleased! "

Melba, Lake St. Louis, MO

"What a life saver! As I said on our first meeting, I am 85 and will make it to a 100. This tub will help make it happen. Fear of falling was tops in mind as for as reasons I could get sided tracked from my goals of reaching a 100. Your 2 1/2" step in has made to so much easier that going down to the basement and using my old shower. I was not even using the bathtub you took out, because of the step over into the tub. I priced 3 other tub companies and your price was the best and the tub and the workmanship is outstanding! Use me anytime for a referral. "

Joe, Ferguson, MO